Are you going to the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention in Niagara Falls this year? If so, make sure to drop by Booths 1007-1009 on the trade show floor - we're looking forward to meeting everyone!


We’ll also be giving a talk in presentation room 207-208 on February 22nd (the second day of the convention) at 3:30pm. The theme of the presentation room is Labour Productivity on the Farm and we’ll be sharing how Croptracker can help boost your team’s potential.


For more information on the convention, visit the OFVC’s website here. See you there!

The Ontario Berry Growers Association (OBGA) has recently teamed up with Croptracker to provide its members with tools to aid record-keeping, operations management, and traceability. If you are an OBGA member, you are now eligible to receive a free Enterprise-level Croptracker package.

This announcement is the culmination of a year’s worth of collaboration between Ontario berry growers and the Croptracker team to develop processes that meet the unique needs and challenges of berry crop production. One such process is the development of the ability to calculate and track piecework harvesting. This allows growers to track individual employee labour and manage piecework rates effectively.

The association’s need for digital food safety documentation was also key factor in its decision to equip its members with Croptracker. The service’s sophisticated, cloud-based food safety traceability features combined with its record-keeping and operations management capabilities form the backbone of Croptracker’s mission: to make food production safer, more efficient, and more profitable for growers.

Food safety is a growing concern among consumers and producers alike. In 2016, there were 764 food recalls in the U.S. and Canada—a startling 22% increase from the previous year. Putting it into further perspective, consider that 52% of recalls cost over $10M and 23% cost over $30M.

If you process, grow, or sell food in Canada you have likely heard the commotion across the border about the FDA’s newly introduced Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).